Lignite Watchfaces

Hey there!

Looking for quality, one-of-a-kind watchfaces and apps for your Pebble smartwatch? Well, look no further...

We are Lignite and our mission is to bring you the best possible watchfaces for your Pebble Smartwatch.

Thank you very much for your interest in our work.

Philipp Weder

Edwin Finch


    These are all the faces we released so far.



    Younique is the most personalizable face ever made for Pebble.

    Upload and display up to 6 photos from your phone. Customize modules that display health info, weather, bluetooth and more.


    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    Modulite in one word: modular.

    Customize Modulite the way YOU want it, inserting different elements, such as health, weather, battery and more. You can also customize every colour on the screen.


    Drunk o'clock

    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    Add a little spice to your day with this unique watchface that swears at you!

    Also known as Swear O' Clock, this face swears, curses and screams at you in many unique ways so you can read the time to your friends and family in a fashion that'll knock them off their feet.



    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    Mosaic is a watchface that'll be sure to pop, slide and live with colour!

    Utilizing every beautiful colour possible, Mosaic puts a wonderful, random array of colours across your Pebble. Along with plenty of animations and big numbers so you can always see the time.



    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    The ball grows like a swoosh as the hour goes by and starts all over again once the next hour started. Every minute it grows a bit more (nicely animated).

    The green swoosh going in the exact opposite direction is the battery-indicator…shrinking as your battery goes flat.


    Upside Down

    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    Upside down is a funky face which is sure to make your head turn upside down as well!

    Displays the hours on top along with the weather (updated every 30 minutes), and the bottom contains the minutes inverted and the date.


    Plain Weather

    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    Plain Weather, although "plain", brings a simple and clean interface to your Pebble Time Round that you'll love.

    It updates the weather every half an hour, and is battery efficient.



    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    Beat is an attractive watchface with more than enough animations which uses it's unique "beatline" to show information such as the battery level or bluetooth status (or if you want, have it completely random).


    Right Nighter

    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    Kids of the 80s know exactly what this is ;) The hero of our childhood is back! Have a "voice box" right on your wrist with a talking animation when the time changes.

    On the lefthand side you see the date and on the opposite the remaining battery.



    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    Personal is what it says it is: personal.

    Beautifully crafted and making the most of your Pebble's colour display.



    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    A very simple yet very stylish face displaying nothing but the time and date. There are quite a few settings here as well!


    Circle Inception

    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    Circle Inception has customizability like no other with over 15 settings!

    See the time in a unique fashion, showing the minutes, hours and more contoured to circles that fit your watch perfectly.


    Slot Machine

    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    Slot Machine is an original face which emulates the style of an actual slot machine - watch the numbers of hours, minutes, and seconds pass by with awesome animations as time passes.



    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    Our take on a watchface with two timezones giving you many personalizing options too! The inner circle shows the time for the first timezone (labeled "Philipp" here) and the outer one stands for the second timezone (labeled "Edwin").

    You will be able to choose your own timezone and give both of them a name.


    Simplified Analogue

    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    Based off of community request - Simplified Analogue brings simplicity and classiness together.



    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    Every minute a new bar grows and gets animated, making it all looks like a nice equalizer.

    The upper part makes up the first 30 minutes while the bottom one covers the other 30 minutes - divided by the battery bar.



    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    Holidays is the perfect face for your holiday season!

    Beautifully designed for 3 states: day, evening, and night. You can see the weather as well before going out into those chilly conditions!



    Click on the preview to toggle the details

    The official TimeDock for Pebble watchface is here!

    This watchface will automatically open when the watch is plugged in (turn this on in settings), has some cool animations and updates the weather every half an hour.


FAQ / Support

Should you have any questions about our watchfaces, -apps or face any issues, please consult this FAQ section. Please contact us in case you can't find an answer to your question. We're here to help!

The installation is fairly easy and straight forward:

Visit our website with your smartphone and scroll down to the watchface you would like to install. Then simply tap on the purchase button to be taken straight to the watchface within the Pebble AppStore. Once this page has loaded you can tap on "ADD" on the above right corner of the screen and the face is automatically being installed and set as active watchface on your Pebble Smartwatch.

By doing this you are entering the 24h-trialmode which gives you 24 hours time to test the watchface and personalize it to your liking. There is a timer at the bottom of the personalization part of our settingspage which shows you exactly how much time you have left until the trial version runs out.

Once this happens a nag screen appears on your Pebble letting you know that the trial has ended. You now got two options:

  • Purchase the face
  • Uninstall the face

We of course hope you like the face and purchase it. Should you wish to do so, just open the settings for said face again and hit the "purchase this watchface"-button in order to start the purchasing process (powered by PayPal).

Once you successfully purchased the watchface you be forwarded to a confirmation screen showing you your accesscode (we also send you an e-mail with the code). You can then launch the settings again without having to log in or do this later and log in. Please bear in mind that we only save your login status for 30 minutes after which you'll have to log in again.

We figured these icons should nicely and straight to the point tell you whether a certain watchface /-app is compatible with your model or not.

Each icon represents a Pebble device generation:

  • Original (OG) Pebble
  • Pebble Time / Time Steel
  • Pebble Time Round

Each of the above icons has two states (compatible & not compatible). Here is a simple explanation of what each icon means:

Original (OG) Pebble

  • Compatible
  • NOT compatible

Pebble Time / Time Steel Smartwatch

  • Compatible
  • NOT compatible

Pebble Time Round Smartwatch

  • Compatible
  • NOT compatible

You own all of our watchfaces, and all of the watchfaces that we'll create in the future. You are the same as our lifetime bundle members and were automatically upgraded in February of 2016.

While the OG Pebble's b/w display is not our main target (64 colours are just so much better to work with / offer so many more possibilities) we always try to make every face work with the first Pebble.

If it can be done it will be done!

Yes, we do.

Should for some reason there be a watchface of ours not supporting 24h-mode, please contact us and we'll try to sort it out.

All our watchfaces will support 24h-mode.

All our faces work for both platforms.

Since we are using settingspages within the Pebble app it does not make any difference whether you are accessing our settings with Android or iOS.

It works beautifully on any device.

Once you purchased a watchface/-app we will log you in automatically if you personalize it right away.

The access code is used to log into the watchface(s) settings. Lets say you buy our lifetime bundle, you can use your PayPal email and the access code sent to you to login to any of our watchfaces and use its settings. Once you login and save settings, this also dismisses/prevents the nag screen from showing.

On the settingspage for every face you will find a "manage account"-button where you can update your account's mailaddress.

We offer a free 24h-trial for each and every watchface/-app or ours.

Once this trial has started you will see a countdown timer at the bottom of the settings page.

When this counter finished counting you will see a trial popup on your watch. This means that now have to either uninstall the watchface or purchase it.

As soon as you purchased the watchface/-app and personalized it the trial screen disappears - never to bug you again.

It should disappear by vibrating twice. Should it not do so, please enter the settings once more and tap on the "save changes"-button. It should then be dismissed for good.

Should the nag screen not disappear, please uninstall and install the watchface again or contact us right away.

You don't have to find it, you have to build it! On any face that has a date format not specifically built to fit the face (a face with the date format customizer being Modulite, for example) you can change the date format.

The date format builder lets you put the date together the way you want it - piecing together every piece of data you need perfectly.

Please let us know if you have any troubles with this.

It seems that because you have your email typed in a weird format (with some letters uppercase), you probably didn’t type it in this same format on our Kickstarter account fetcher page.

Please contact us to help you sort this problem out.

This means something has gone wrong internally and we need to fix your account manually.

Please contact us to help you sort this problem out right away.

This normally happens when you try to log in using our old iOS- or Android companion app.

Lignite 2.0 does not use the companion app anymore. Please download and install any watchface from the appstore and sign in through the settings page right from within the pebble app.

99% of the cases this is caused by the user not knowing the email address used for the purchase of the watchface/-app.

Please make sure you use the exact same email address to log in.

If you login to one watchface, we automatically login for you on any of our other watchfaces. This is why you cannot find the login button anymore, because you already signed into another watchface.

All you have to do to dismiss the trial screen is click “Save Changes” on the settings page of the corresponding watchface and it should disappear after a few seconds.

It seems that sometimes storage on Pebble gets corrupted. This issue can normally be resolved by factory resetting your watch. Please let us know if this still does not solve your issue, it might be our fault.

About us

We are two guys in love with gadgets/digital technology. Yes, you might want to call us "geeks", that's alright. Edwin is the brain, bringing all of Philipps's fancy ideas to life, writing the apps and watchfaces in C with Pebble's SDK. We are both constantly trying to push the boundaries with our watchfaces and watchapps.

Normal analogue or digital clocks are of no interest to us since we always want every one of our watchfaces to be special and "one-of-a-kind".

Let us quickly introduce ourselfs:

Philipp and Edwin From left to right: Philipp Weder and Edwin Finch (Photo taken at the Pebble Developers Retreat 2015 in San Francisco)

Philipp Weder

I'm a 35 year old webdesigner and gadgeteer from Switzerland with a strong passion for technology and design.

I always liked designing things, mostly personalizing my own stuff be it my phones or just pretty much everything allowing me to do so to a certain extent.

Back in the days I used to design and code homescreens for Windows Mobile smartphones and ended up releasing over 100 of them. Coming up with new ideas and pushing the boundaries has always been my biggest hobby and after some hesitation I finally got my Pebble Smartwatch specifically for personalizing in summer '14 and have not looked back ever since.

Personal website:

Edwin Finch

I’m a 17 year old student based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. I’ve always had a passion for technology. When I was 14, I got my first Pebble. Started writing apps for Pebble at 15, and have been loving it ever since. My first app was simply clean and now I’m a freelance Pebble developer that’s saving money for university. In fact, I plan on attending University of Waterloo which is where Pebble’s origins were when Eric Migicovsky did.

I’ve made quite a few strides since then, all because of Pebble. I now can proudly say that I have created over 30 Pebble apps and watchfaces, most of which for the community, some for clients as I’m a freelance developer, which I’m doing to save for university and because I love doing it.

Personal website:

In the summer of 2014, Edwin was looking for projects to build. He went to reddit and the Pebble forums asking for ideas, then Philipp came along and shared the mockups he had made in Photoshop and was looking to be built by an experienced coder. They were quite basic but we soon realized that us two working together just feels right and the complexity of our watchfaces increased rapidly.

So far we’ve successfully launched over 6 Pebble projects together! All of them unique and one-of-a-kind!

Here are a few examples:

And now we're in it for the long run, with lots and lots of fancy watchfaces and apps for the Lignite collection!


Feedback, requests, anything. Please use the below form to contact us.

Credits / Imprint

Thank you to every single person, from family to backers, that helped make this project a reality. When we both originally launched our Lignite Kickstarter in March of 2015, we never expected 1176 backers or $7,177 CAD!

You all blew us away with your love and support for our work, and we hope we can pay you back with an awesome collection of watchfaces and apps. This is truly a dream come true. Below lies the list of people who brought this project to life.

Pebble app/watchface developer & server-backend developer:

Edwin Finch

Designer of every single Pebble app/watchface, website & graphic:

Philipp Weder

I, Philipp, would like to specially thank:

  • My wife Anna for sticking with me and supporting me in everything I do
  • Our two lovely little kids for being cute as hell and awesome in any way

I, Edwin, would like to specially thank:

  • My mom, Tara Bauer, for her ever-lasting mother's love :)
  • My dad, AJ Finch, who always shows me a reasonable and calm perspective on everything, and gives me a better outlook on life
  • My brother, Tucker Finch, for being my best friend and person I can say anything and everything to, the person I trust my life with
  • The rest of my family and my friends for being awesome and loving

$120.00+ backers

Shaun Newman, Pebble Technology ($500!), Daniel Bauen + Microfacturing, Hans D, Trevor Lyman, Ed Pegg

$15.00+ backers

Jon Barlow, Mubashir Razvi, Mattia Piola, Martin Frank, Ilkka Vuorenmaa, Donald D. Parker, Gary Funk, Thorne - Erin,Benoit Serra, Gerhard Wesch, Paul, Mangesh Thombare, Bruce Greenfield, Kannika Garcia, leechohan,You Can Sleep When You're Dead, Lupin, Scott Miller, Neil Poultney, Karsten Poppe, Nick Hahn, Mike Corsten, Stephen Miller, Lee Boychuk, Sean McLeod, Linn Htun, Brian Wolfe, Thomas Abbott, Faye Salwin, Bengster, Sonia Koval, Maria Teresa Paton Arevalo

$11.00+ backers

Cody Dean, Randy Morris, Rick, Anastriel, Arvinder Ahuja, Jennifer Meadows, Hector, Takiko Momokuri,Ashley Dew, Kartik Gaje, Eric Zillmann, PK, Andrew Witte, Miguel A., Chonnawat Eklapphaibun, Derek Fenwick, Benjamin Vetter, Scotty Bryant, Prioux Nicolas, Alex, Paolo Grassi, Andrea Hennessee, M. van Leeuwen, Cody, Kale Miller, Mark Thompson, Bart Van de Wijdeven, Hello World

$7.00+ backers

Penguwin, TraceStar, Jivy Chhatwal, Stephen Boyd, Marckosvl, Piotr Szewczyk, Mohamed Faisal, Colinlamb,Bob Pfeifer, Daniel Egger, Noah Thompson, Paulino Lopez, RonF, Molly Nakao, Niko-chan, Bogdan, Mindy Tan,Alan Watson, Pakorn Jaruspanavasan, Lee Lin Jun, P, Koh Kah Hoe, Lai Chun Hei Hayley, Muhammad, mboirsbeek,Dave North, Ross R, Wan Ha, Peter Clay, Neil, David Menzel, William, Aditya Banerjee, Jae, Vincent Cutillas,Francis Espinola, Jessica Salyer, Mike Edwards, Brian, Kim Lanc, Gerhard Haider, Xavius Mcclure, Duncan J Ward, Samuele Bellagamba, Martin Bates, Chris Clark, Alfonso, Iek Sam Cheong, Gerhard Langer, Greg Harry, Donald Morrison, Gerhard Zelenka, Kaden Kirkham, Phillip E. Murray, Damian Ng, Joshua Clark, jw, Tom Malone, David, Marc Roselló Van Schoor, Michele, Johan Miltenburg, Florian Rangl, Reinald Castillo, Kevin Wudtke, Steve Crowley, Ian Marsh, Dondi Balisalisa, Inda Aziz, Łukasz Korecki, Andrew Boyett, Michael A. Capps, Pablo Ignacio Rodríguez Skaric, michelle mathieson, Nebbie, Kelvin Tong, Michael Mussington, Geraud Cruz, Valerie Guzman, Michelle Lowe, Joe Amuso, Jochen D., Vince Farrell, Tom Ove Brenden, Howard Lince III, patricia runnion, Joerg Hohn, jonathan belinsky, Guido Landgraf, Andrew Vine, Hans Bennink, Eric Pierrot, Willie, Paul Akterstam, Eirik Mikkelsen, William Romano,, Joshua Gill, Kreeta Soontornwipart, Vivek Krishnan, David, clapdady, Mohd Suffian Mohd Rousdin, William Garrido, Jurgen Wagenhauser, Aaron Sorrell, MyTruSkillz, Mike F, Bill Gimbel

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Owen D'Aprile, CaffeineJunkie, Yuriy Galanter, Laura Meier, Phil Gastwirth, John Winstanley, Jon, David magallon, Berkay Oğulcan Tutal, Andrew McFarland, Hunter, Mike Wadsten, Matt Caves, Marco Santos, Zoe Hendrickse, Ronald Hudson, Phil Cooper, KJ, Phil Karn, Stephen Smith, Dave Peddle, Haris Shahid, Derek Kuhnline, Christoph Kehl, Jacob Dagenais, taylor charles gracie, George Hussey, Craig Paterson, Richard Turner, Pieter Danckaert, Martin Cohen, Andrew Givens, Leesa, Dom Wakeling, Merch DeGrasse, Tim Shrimpton, Jens Bocklage, Guarionex Alvarado, Justin Cobb, Marie-Andree Poisson, Jerrid White, William Featherstone, Michael Jones, Joshua Stewart Ray, John Waugaman, Chris Ganas, Amel, Jenny-Lynn Lascano, Mark Reed, Tobias Birth, Đominic Tăn, Paul stevens, Duc Le, Rick Peters, LODS, Ashley Strutt, Benjamin Buch, Loren Statema, Mark Ciavarella, Jeff A, Jérémy Taine, NoErrX, Brian, Chad McGee, Jitesh, Vincent Aarsbergen, Adam S, Steve Smith, Don Chen, Andrew W Helgeson, Colin Prudhoe, Elmar Uttenreuther, Nahum, Justin Dawson, John White, Jdgeis, Andrey, Alexander Nilsen, Tuan, ajomo, Mance, John, Matthias Thimm, Ryan Ceurvorst, Marvin Calice, Lloyd Hannesson, Sportinger, Nathaniel Davis, J Grab, Malcolm Dennis, Timo Spiekermann, ethertect, Stephen Africa Moore, Hugh Leoidsson, Alberto Alvarez-Perea, Jens Lißner, Dennis Shelton, Kristenculp, Jason Priest, Ben Crago-Schneider, Keanen Wold, Rick Silver, Jason Auffant, Nick Martin, Dana Charter, Alexander Eilers, Adam Kelly, Steven Webb, Brian Proctor, Venkatesh Subramanian, Andrew, Mick K, Robert Michael Zaccano, Bobby Graese, Nev Rawlins, Christian Emmer, Thomas, Jay Onisch, Brian Budzinski, BergischNRW, Daniel Colosie, Robert Colburn, Paul Selby, Jessica, Sarne Hutcherson, Christian Bootz, Robert Mueller, Ken Bynell, Michael Drake, Stuart Stringer, Teresa Hull, AlexEremenko, Jonpaul, Tabitha Kowitz, Joost Duivenvoorden, Gregory Latimer, Chris Decker, Daniel Gonçalves, Mike Tree, Brian Saccente-Kennedy, David Patterson, Kevin A Pearson, ChunkMunk01, Eoin Morgan, Michael Moore, Serge Stepanov, Robert, Kenneth Elliott, IceCarpediem, cypher, Se4oth, David Castro, Guin, Carsten Manz, Andre Schlüter, Sam Lyon, Niclas Eriksson, Jehad Maher, Robby Witte, Simon Munck, imehesz, Elisa Kagelmaker, Simon Kronberg, Drew Britten, Darrow Nemecek-Gulack, Jeff Iles, Will Moore, Ethan Delaney, Cody Austrie, Alexander Fligel, Craig D'Amelio, Rajendra, Pawel Martin, gongju00, Neil Forsyth, Ryan Riddle, Gabi fiz, Silvan Röthlisberger, Stuart Lowe, Thomee Wright, Jeff Newfeld, Francois Malherbe, Cindy Cipriano, Alex den Haan, Asbjørn Baagø, rohbaert, James Shannon, Mike Burgoon, Matthew Goodchild, Jean-Francois Messier, Malcolm Hare, James Sawle, Sami Kakko, Geoff Brown, Jason Ellis, Britt Head, Dorothy Strassner, Stefan Hawel, Dennis Rasch, Sebastian Paul, K. David Woolley, Michael Weyershäuser, Jorge Sanz Sanfructuoso, Andrea Scambia, RelakS, Zach Burnham, John Ryan, Rui Sacadura Botte, Kira Lim, Jeremy Wan, Linden Wilson, Spencer Owen, Mats Thell, Chris Trocano, Scott Kuma Pettigrew, Sumayya Tai, Ranjit, Ricky Brincat, neil whitten, ZF, Ruben Pedro, MikeInIdaho, Jaer, Nightfire, Felipe Lucero

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