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We build pixel-perfect clock faces for your Fitbit and a music player for your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.


Our collection of clockfaces

World Map

World Map

This is your time to feel international!

World Map brings the world to your wrist, with a simple design that allows you to scroll through all of your health data by tapping on the clock face.

Customizable colours and more within settings, too!



Colourful, elegant and packed with data, Arrows is the perfect clock face for your Fitbit!

See 6 stats on your screen with the large time in the centre for easy viewing.

Customize absolutely everything in settings, from every element's colours to each arrow's data and more.



Essentially is essentially all you need in a clock face!

Read the time clearly in the centre, your health and other data surrounding it, all combined with tons of customization possibilities in settings.

Long Shadow

Long Shadow

Add some depth to your watch with Long Shadow!

Elegant and beautifully designed, Long Shadow displays the time in a large font with a subtle touch of shadows to bring a 3D-like effect to your watch.

Combined with all of the data you want to see on the left (with progress bars!), Long Shadow is the perfect face for the elegant & functionally focused.

Metal Analogue

Metal Analogue

Inspired by our "Metal" face, Metal Analogue brings a sleek analogue design to your watch.

Packed with data and overloaded with settings, Metal Analogue allows an insane amount of customization, from colours to health data to direct control of the analogue hands.



Rock a unique metallic design on your Fitbit!

Metal shows you 4 fully-customizable stats using progress rings, along with the time in a large easy-to-read font.



Timetable is an elegantly designed clock face inspired by train station/airport boards.

Showing all of your stats in one view, with fully customizable colours, Timetable is a pleasure to the eye while being amazingly functional.



Gauge your data with Gauges!

Beautifully animated gauges follow your progress as you go about your day.

You can customize which data the gauges display within settings along with each gauge's colour.

See what happens when you tap the screen! ;-)



Loaded with data and beautiful as any Lignite clock face, Elements is the perfect "fit" for your Fitbit.

See your health stats in a beautiful row of elements on the right side, or the time in a large font on the left.

Change up the colours and elements within settings - literally hundreds of combinations are possible!



Get thrown back to digital watches with LCD!

Plain and simple, yet loaded with data, LCD looks like a watch from "the good ol' days", but with some fresh data.



Watch the time slide around with Slider!

A beautiful face, loaded with features and various lovely colours, Slider is the perfect fit for your wrist.

Switch between many colours within settings, choose the health data you'd like to display, and get sliding.

Right Nighter

Right Nighter

Kids of the 80s know exactly what this is ;)

The hero of our childhood is back!

Have a "voice box" right on your wrist with a talking animation when the time changes or when you tap the screen.

On the lefthand side you see your health stats, and on the opposite side, the current weekday.

Simple Fitness

Simple Fitness

Keep it clean and simple with Simple Fitness!

A stylish mixture of analogue and digital time, combined with your health stats, Simple Fitness is the perfect fit for your Fitbit.

Change up the colours within settings to personalize the clock face to your heart's desire!



Love progress circles?

Fill up circles based on your health goals with Circled.

Track your steps, calories burned, and more all within progress circles that follow you throughout your day.

Also includes the date and optional battery percentage so you can get the most information out of your clock face.

Day glow

Day glow

Weekdays are important! Day Glow is all about highlighting that – with big, beautifully designed days at the forefront of the face.

Along with a beautiful analogue clock, health data, and more, it's the clock face for anyone looking for the perfect blend of functionality and beautiful design.

Drunk O' Clock

Drunk O' Clock

Everyone’s favourite swearing watchface is now on Fitbit!

Spice up your day with a little sass from your watch.

Telling you the time with 8 customizable swear words and more, it’s the ultimate watchface with a touch of humour!

Simple Numbers

Simple Numbers

The time is big, beautiful and elegant with Simple Numbers!

Along with customizable health stats, Simple Numbers adds a pop to your watch while still letting you know how your fitness stats are doing.



Put your hands up, health data!

We've got you cornered!

Clean and to-the-point, Cornered focuses on cornering your health data while keeping the time in the centre of the display in analogue and digital formats.

Customize all of the colours and more within settings!

Basic Birch

Basic Birch

This face is a real basic bit... we mean birch.

Keeping it clean and simple with Basic Birch, it shows you all the health data you want to see in fully customizable colours.

FAQ / Support

Frequently Asked Questions

TypeError: Failed to fetch

It seems as if you are on a network which blocks certain connections. Please use another network and try again.

Settings stuck on initial sync

If our clock face isn't syncing after install, this is usually due to Fitbit's poor connection issues. Please try rebooting your phone/Fitbit and it should work properly.

Pebble Watchfaces

Our Pebble legacy watchfaces

Unfortunately, due to Pebble going out of business, we no longer provide support for these watchfaces.

iOS Music App

Lignite Music, our music player for iOS and watchOS

Lignite Music Player

Meet Lignite Music

Tired of the iOS stock music app?

We were too, so we built Lignite Music, the music experience that you deserve.

Beautifully designed to the core and jam-packed with features, Lignite Music is the ultimate music player for your library.

Get it now in the App Store

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About us

Who are we?

We are two guys in love with gadgets/digital technology. Yes, you might want to call us "geeks", that's alright.

Edwin is the brain, who writes the software that powers all of the clock faces/watchfaces/apps. Philipp is the master of creating eye-candy, he designs and "pushes" every pixel to its limit to bring the beautiful designs you see above.

We are both constantly trying to push the boundaries with our clock faces and apps, and hope you can see and feel that in our software.

Edwin Finch
Edwin Finch, Developer
Philipp Weder
Philipp Weder, UX Designer


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